Change of Perspective

Today, I was feeling kinda happy that I’m FINALLY getting letters going … in the real live snail-mail world… and yet, it feels weird to be happy about something so simple.

I posted this:

“Theresa Bacon Scott
Thursday at 8:42pm ·
It may not seem like much but I’m keeping my promise to get/stay in touch with people. (I have a HUGE extended family). I had to give up on the handwriting, apparently my hand & brain still aren’t saying the same thing HOWEVER, that was really plan B. This week “Plan A” is in effect and YAY! Letters (typed) are being mailed! (if you want a snail-mail from me, pm me your info). I still “live” on my website, so if you want REAL-TIME updates, go there, not FB. (see comments for link).

Today, doing a little happy dance… really slow so it doesn’t shake my brain

Right about the same time a friend posted this;

“I believe I am doing the best I can right now – even if it is not the best I have ever done.”

That about sums up my life right now!

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