Sailing for the first time would be an experience and memory in itself, but being part of our family means that we don’t do things halfway. So my first time sailing was also my first time flipping a sailboat. And my first time getting a ride from the coast guard.

After tipping the catamaran (google it), we (being Dad and myself) could not pull it back upright because, between the two of us, we didn’t weigh enough (or have enough upper body strength, whichever way you prefer to word it.) That, and in order to flip a boat back upright, the mast must face into the wind in order to pitch the sail out of the water. <Enter more boating jargon here.>

Long story short, after half a dozen attempts and assistance from the local coast guard, the boat washed onto a nearby beach shore. We proceeded to leave the boat there and the KOA we are staying at had to send a couple of people out to retrieve it.

Dad says he just wanted to “give me a memory I’ll never forget.” Great. Mission accomplished.


p.s. mom’s version

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