I did NOT get fired.


I thought I was going to be fired today.

A little about my job, I work at best buy. We don’t get paid commission or anything like that, but we have a heirarchy. I report to my lead, who reports to the Assistant Manager (AM) who reports to the Store Manager (GM). We get “graded” on how well we do based on a bunch of statistics. Or that’s what I thought.

So me and my Co-worker Cody and my Lead Pat were standing talking about new product when suddenly we see my GM skipping. Mind you, this is a full grown very serious man skipping down the aisle of his store. This isn’t just odd. Pat turns and pulls an “Ah hell naw” and books it. My lead is running away from my skipping GM.

By now me and Cody are very concerned, especially since my AM is coming from the other side with a concerned look on his face. So they arrive about the same time, and my AM tells us we had a “Mystery Shop”. I had no idea what that was so I gave Cody a look and he freaks. Apparently it’s when corporate sends secret shoppers to judge us, and no one in the store has passed with above an 80, and we were told if someone scores below a 60 they are just fired cause that’s how bad our store has been doing.

Cody literally was starting to grovel about not getting fired. My GM looks at him and goes “you got a 78 you’re fine”. Cody actually did a fail white boy victory dance, which was funny in its own. But what really concerned me was my AM saying, how bad did she do? I’m the only She. Cody starts saying no no its her first mystery shop don’t fire her give her a second chance… My GM laughed, as if I wasn’t panicking enough already.

“Why would I fire her? Because of her we finally have a perfect score from our store.”

Commencing victory dance more awkward than that of Cody.

A Very Wet 2016

So I realize that this happened about two weeks ago; so keep in mind that this IS OLD, but I forgot to post it, so enjoy πŸ™‚



HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a wet one too!

So I worked today from 4-10p and called my hubby on my way home like I always do, and he’s on the other end FREAKING OUT. Why? I have no idea what exactly happened but from what I’ve heard, a pipe broke and the toilet connection legitimately exploded all over Drew (no, as funny as it would have been, he was not on the toilet at the time, but had just flushed it which was the trigger apparently).

Well about 100 gal of water flooded our house. Luckily since we’re renting he was able to get a hold of the maintenance guys, and they came out, shop vac’d the water and had a carpet/water damage/home disaster specialist come out and he literally took the BIGGEST vacuum ever (hint; it was his trunk) and sucked out all the water in about 20-30 min–and it was a LOT of water–and we now have fans UNDER our carpets.

If you know me, I always try to joke and make a silver lining out of a disaster like this… Drew’s not that type. So while I’m sitting here cracking jokes about how he clogged the toilet to the point of explosion (which no, he didn’t, but it’s still a funny joke to me and the carpet guy) he’s sitting there sulking. Good news; nothing of value was ruined. Bad news; no water for two-three days. Meaning no showers… or a washer. Well it’s a good thing I just found a random roll of quarters in an old purse!

Besides that, I love our new place. I know I haven’t really posted anything cause the holidays and everything, but it’s a three bed, two bath with a little backyard.



Other unrelated news;

Our pup is doing great, besides the fact that she is absolutely terrified of the fans and is curled up under my feet at the moment. Both cats are hidden in cupboards cause they hate water (that was adorable–I opened a kitchen cupboard to check for damage and I get two cat’s meowing their heads off in a panic). The snake is… well a snake and doesn’t give a hoot… but the fish are right at home!

Wait? Snake? Fish? I didn’t post about them yet have I? Well a few months ago Drew graduated from Naval Nuclear Training so he got a snake. I hate snakes. I have to feed and take care of it when he’s deployed. Why did I agree to that?!

The fish we got like, two?, days ago. Drew got me a 29 gal tank for Christmas on the condition that he got to pick the fish. We found a dirt cheap tank at a yard sale, and the only complaint I have is the filter sucks :(. However I got to get fish! Two electric blue acaras, one male named Ramza and one female named Yuna (bonus points if you know what those names are from), a Longfin Oscar named Mundo, an Albino Longfin Oscar named Illoai (bonus points if you know what those names are from), and a Bristlenose Pleco by the name of Cousin IT (negative points if you DON’T know what that name’s from). Yes… I’m fish obsessed. And no. We’re done with pets… they’re replacing kids for the time being πŸ˜‰

UPDATE: Illoai was a very fragile fish and passed away a few days after this was written. The other’s are still doing great though.


Sorry for not posting sooner, life’s been a mess but here’s a quick update.

We are moving to Kings Bay, GA THIS WEEK. As in yes, we are packing right now and moving out by the third!

I have already transferred to the Jacksonville, FL Best Buy (no, there is no BBY in Kings Bay), and I start on Dec 6.

It’s only a three-four hour drive so it wont be hard to move the pets (the two cats, the dog and now the snake).


I have lunch tomorrow with our good friends Jacque and Mark then speed packing as fast as we can.

TIME FOR BED! It’s 6 am, and we’ve been trying to get stuff done, so hopfully we don’t over sleep! GOod night.


Friday the 13th of November, 2015 my husband, Petty Officer Third Class (ET3) Drew Siemer, graduated from one of the most academically grueling programs the US Military has to offer and is now a certified nuclear operator! The graduation occurred on an old WWII Aircraft Carrier, the USS Yorktown. We didn’t get to stay for a tour, since I was feeling really unwell due to motion sickness (emergency sewing a patch onto dress blues while in a car does that apparently), and so we went home and ate lunch instead.

{{pics to come}}

For those of you who do not know, my husband isΒ a Nuclear Electronics Technician in the US Navy, known as “Nukes”.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

When you blog; I suggest responding to comments. πŸ˜‰


Which employee?!Β πŸ˜›

Mothers. Don’t Take Them for Granted!

After living on my own (with my husband) I have learned one very, VERY important lesson that I suggest every child should know.

I appreciate my mother 1000x more than I ever gave her credit for. The little things you take for granted, that you just assume there’s a setting or just happens magically YOUR MOTHER DOES IT. Obvious examples; cleaning the dishwasher (it does NOT clean itself), cleaning the oven (no, you can NOT just burn that off), replacing filters, getting the grossness out of the coffee maker that one does not think of naturally, unclogging drains (this might just be a daddy thing though). All those little things you mentally think your mom is crazy for bitching about? Yeah, she has perfectly good reason!

I like to say “I have not inherited my mother’s culinary deficiencies” (something she quotes me on), but I would like to publicly announce this is a misdirection. It is true, I did not inherit my mother’s cooking skills [Proof] but I am proud to say she did teach me a few things about being efficient in the kitchen, the may not revolve around, you know… edibles (or in her case; inedibles). So, thank you Mom, for a lot of things I thought you were just going nuts over. I never appreciated it, and took a lot of it for granted. So in addition I apologize for all those times I ignored you cause I thought you were off your rocker (even before you actually were, you know… off your rocker).

And to every child, every teenager, every husband who doesn’t do this stuff normally… give your mother/wife a hug. Cause this is actually a giant pain in the neck! Seriously… I just hit my head on the dishwasher trying to clean it.

Mom, I love you, I miss you, and I never actually gave you the appreciation I should have. But I promise this; I do now!

Dog… or Cat?

If you follow my mother’s blog, you know of Nightwing the cat [Relevant Nightwing Post], and you know that my cat thinks he’s a puppy.

Now since owning a cat AND a dog, I can tell you… Nightwing thinks he is a cat… until he plays… then he’s a puppy… WITH LITTLE DOG SYNDROME!

I do, however have evidence of Nightwing FETCHING a Frisbee; [Frisbee]

However, I have yet to catch him in the act of chasing Delphi’s tail, or leash… or plain out wrestling with her, and winning!

Delphi however, occasionally gets jealous of Nightwing and tries to be a cat. She will sit on the back of the couch next to him, or try to climb on our laps like him. Or want to be picked up.

Thank You’s

First off, thank you for reading!

Second off, if you were one of the fantastic people who sent us a wedding gift, I will be sending out thank you’s soon. And by soon I mean as soon as I can find someone to take a good picture of my family; which includes two four legged kids.

Thanks to y’all our bed is made, we have dishes to eat off of, and silverware to eat with… a wonderful knife block and serving utensils to cook with and that doesn’t include the cooking ware galore that I use every day since I absolutely love to cook or the coffee maker that keeps Drew functional (thanks mom and dad πŸ˜‰ ). And last but not least, the second microwave (well first, but our apartment evidently has one already) that we were able to credit towards a tv… Translation: THANK YOU FOR NETFLIX!!!! πŸ˜‰

With the money we didn’t have to spend, I was able to get Drew a PlayStation 4 for his (early) birthday. (Which was on April, 26… happy late bday) And with all the stress and frustration of working nights, and the fact that he’s classing up for prototype in two weeks (and if you know anything about the Navy Nuclear Program… you know that this final leg of his training is rotating 12 hour shifts of hell) I am glad he’s venting out by virtually shooting things in the head instead of being in a grumpy mood.

For those of you going; “he should study, not play videogames” you can’t begin to fathom his job. Not only is his job classified (I don’t know everything he does… which I haven’t decided if I care enough to hate yet) but his study material is the same. When he has to study they MAKE him study (10-2’s… ten hours a week, at least 2 hours a night… etc.) and he CAN’T study off base. He has to do it there. At least, that was how the previous two schoolings worked. So working 12 hours a day between 5-7 days a week… I think he’s earned his PlayStation.

As for me, I am once again working a minimal wage job as a cashier until I start going to school again. The plan is to do a few online courses (at least) while Drew is deployed. The reason why that is the plan, is because while he’s here, we want to get things done and spend as much time together. While he’s gone I’m going to need daily distractions to keep me going. Therefore; school. At least that’s better than babies (and for those curious; NO. No plans for kids… for a while… I’ll get on my child podium some other time).

Blogging again

I was sitting here on my husband’s computer (weird huh? that 9 year old you knew over a decade ago is married?!) since, you know, my computer decided to randomly not load my OS for an hour (but for some reason I can use the task manager to launch programs?). Anyway, I’m sitting here 1707miles from my family reading my mothers blog (if you’re not familiar about it, shame on you [Moms blog]) laughing about my little brother growing apparently the size of a small whale, while also laughing at how my own pup, Delphi, sits like a human. In which case I promptly decided “Hey! I’m going to start blogging again.” WHICH, evidently I said out loud prompting a weird look and scoff from my husband, since he knows all about the tomfoolery that my mother blogs about.

Therefore, first new post: Hello from North Charleston, SC. My name is Heather Siemer, I am a Navy Wife. I have two four-legged children. Nightwing [More about Nightwing]Β the cat, and Delphine “Delphi” our two year old, 40lbs beagle/blue tick hound… who like’s to sit like a human πŸ˜‰


South Carolina!

For those of you who have been following my life, I am now married to Petty Officer ET3 Drew C. Siemer. Which in turn means I am Mrs. Heather Leigh Siemer (I’m still in the process of changing my name; no easy task). We just moved into a 780ish sq ft apartment in North Charleston. And let me just say, I love it!

I will post pictures of the apartment when it’s a little more cleaned up. Since we just moved in we have a very unattractive pile of trash and some things that do not have a place yet.