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Tommy & Stacy Forgue

Before I forget, my sister Stacy got married to Tommy Forgue 🙂 The official date is September 7th and before I forget again… Happy Anniversary to Karen & Duane O’Rourke on the 7th too!

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Pickel’s and Scott’s, and Add a Little Bacon

[pics incl]  Stacy’s kids were available and we needed some quick Pickel cousin time!  Going out to eat has kinda been my nemesis but Esteban’s was calling!  A close second, is Esteban’s TO GO 😉  I had planned to visit … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

[pics incl] These photos include Al Bacon’s family kids/grandkids, Rick Bacon’s family kids/grandkids, Neil & Nathan Gale! Some were just “drive-by hugs” & pics but I’ll take it!  Yes, I really did sit in my mom’s lap 😉  Stacy and … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

[pics incl] My sister Stacy’s family and their friends we here for the day. [smooth=id: 80; width:550; height:600; timed:true; arrows:true; carousel:false; links:true; info:true; align:center; frames:false; delay:6500; transition:continuoushorizontal;]

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The Clean Spot

[pics incl]. Stacy’s family and friends will be visiting so I told her we made them a clean spot. :-). Then, Ashley found “the clean spot.”

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It’s a Small World

[pics incl] My sister dropped our nephew off at his friend’s house in LC. Anyone recognize it? Jeff did 😉 One Year Ago:  http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2012/01/01/my-dad-and-bobbie-sue/

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Stacy and Andrea “Zerbert” TAZ

[pics incl]  I’ve been known to hand out zerberts…. it’s a long and glorious tradition ;-P  But I got “got!”  It took pretty much my entire family, but they conspired to zerbert me and captured the moment in photos! Apparently, … Continue reading

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