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Sea Shells

Fun little tongue twister & clue to entertain you until I figure out how to upload pix. She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Yes, this is a tongue twister AND a clue. [NOTE: If ya’ll know how to … Continue reading

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Alrighty, Testing Blog 08/10/22

Still having some issues getting the blog to let me post pictures but hopefully we have all the ISP’s allowing me to send 😉 Feel free to reply if you get this… or even if you don’t HAHAHA!

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Testing Blog 07/20/22

This is a test. I’m not sure if this post I wrote about 07/08/22 will email out… it wouldn’t let me include photos Gorgeous Sunset 07/08/22 …. as you can see, I’m still having growing pains on my upgrades…. I … Continue reading

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Blog Server Has Been Upgraded 07/13/22

We have updated our servers but I have not updated anything else about the blog yet. Hopefully, this will email out on 07/14/22 and I will catch up on some blogging… otherwise, it’ll be another week😉 [NOTE UPDATE: some emails … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Sunset 07/08/22

[pics incl] Courtney and I were at the park around sunset and commented on how gorgeous the sky looks. I said I was gonna take a photo which spawned a conversation over how much “the camera never does it justice.” … Continue reading

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Poking Holes and Letting Air Out

Please set your coffee down as this will make you laugh so hard you will spill it! This morning, I looked at my face in the mirror and realized I had little teeny dots lining my hairline. I channeled my … Continue reading

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Neuro Appointment 06/29/22

Today, I had like 20+ teensy injections IN MY HEAD (& neck area). Is only half as bad as it sounds… solely because I really don’t have feeling on my left side! His goal all along, since day one, has … Continue reading

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Tweaking Thyroid Meds 06/28/22

After seeing my endocrinologist today, we has decided to tweak my meds ever so slightly. We are making this small adjustment because I have been having random racing heart while sleeping (& other minor symptoms) and it *might * be … Continue reading

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Celebration of Life of Wilbur Schroth 06/29/22

Our dear neighbor Wilbur Schroth passed away 06/22/22 and heaven has gained an angel. Our family has so many great memories that include all the Schroth’s (and all their extended family too!). The landscape of our neighborhood won’t be the … Continue reading

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Appointments Next Week

Some of my doctors appointments have been rescheduled (multiple times now) and just all happen to be next week T & W. I’m not sure how I feel about getting all the injections on Wed morning but I’ll keep you … Continue reading

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Strawberry Moon 06/14/22

[pics incl] Tonight is a “strawberry moon” supermoon. Here’s some URL’s w/ more about why it’s called a strawberry moon and a supermoon. ENJOY!

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Sunset and Deer

[pics incl] Ashley saw this deer in the backyard and captured the shadows of the house and fort across the lawn. We’ve been thinking we were slacking mowing the grass but now we are thinking that it’s been unbelievably dry… … Continue reading

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Blog Changes Coming Soon

We will be migrating servers and making changes to my blog server. I’m not sure what that will entail, maybe I’ll let one of the kids redesign it… we’ve had some thoughts & ideas on that in the past and … Continue reading

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Snow May 21, 2022

[pics incl] It started snowing on Friday It broke our tree… this might kill it. But the next day…. It’s chilly but the snow is GONE.

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Spinal Tap 05/18/22

The spinal pressure test I had today did not quite go as planned. The short version: the numbing agent didn’t kick in… the dog doing the procedure asked if I have any family with red hair? HA! Yes, I tried … Continue reading

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