Scott Family Group Photo

[pics incl] Darci txt’d last night and asked if we could send a group photo so she could create a birthday book for her mom (my sister, Stacy). Leave it to a teenager to wait till the last minute! My family has plans to clean out the garage all day… so NO, I wasn’t even gonna ask them. I did ask Ashley to take a picture of ME so I could at least send something and I figured I’d attempt to wrangle my crew at a later date. But they saw her taking pics and got involved. Even all grungy and yucky they said “this is what we are today…!” gathered around and sat down. 😂 Then Courtney said, hey, I can at least make out ANIMATED. So we had to paste on smiles, sit super still and very slowly wave our hands. VIOLA!

[NOTE… sigh, the animated version won’t upload correctly so I’ve modified it to a .mov … but that isn’t working for everyone so txt me if you want & I can reply to you w/ the “cute one” 😉 ]

Click on the link to play video clip

Scott Family Group Photo 09/05/2021

Heather & Daff doesn’t live here so I couldn’t snag them. The last “formal” family photo was in 2018:

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