Thyroid Appointment 11/11/16

I had a standard blood draw today.  This was a very interesting appointment because it started with me handing out a list of “please keep all these doctors informed of this and all future tests” and I had handwritten the info from the newest neurologist from Monday [ ] That prompted a conversation of “why did that happen and how did that go?”

I have pictures of all the notes and referrals, etc that “new neuro” wrote.  She had a several nice things to say and let’s just say, she STRENUOUSLY insisted that I no longer go back to the previous neuro. 

Today, William went with me to my appointment and it turns out that he had not attended any appointments at this office, even though I’ve been seeing this doctor for … dunno 13-14 years.  I guess he’s always been in school.  He’s HEARD about this office.  I have my own personal “leech” ;-P meant with the deepest respect!  [ ]  She didn’t disappoint, my truly “one stick wonder!”  Not to put words in William’s mouth but I think he was impressed when he said something along the lines of “No, I haven’t been HERE, but I have been to OTHER places where I have been on my phone, KILLED my battery, recharged my battery, killed it again, recharged it AGAIN… and probably AGAIN!”  Yah, I think I’ll call her boss… AGAIN 😉

As we were leaving I kidded the doc about “can I get a doctor’s note to stop seeing my neuro?”  Laughing “You just tell everyone that ‘I SAID!’ ” 😉 so there… I just changed neurologists.

I’ll keep ya posted on the bloodwork results.

My brain isn’t really cooperating to drive so i was lettin William drive.  We came home on the freeway cuz … well i forgot that this road abprpblty merges … but look at us, we are alive to blog about it 🙂


previous thyroid results:

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