how much does a FREE taco cost?

This weekend we were up in Denver for Ashley’s basketball tournament.  Her team had just won their third game to put them in the championship playoff tomorrow and we were headed home.  We needed to eat lunch as it was a long drive home and we had left the house before 7am.  Ashley spotted a taco bell so that is where we stopped.  While we were waiting to place our order, Ashley spied a ‘game’ she wanted to play that required coins.  This ‘game’ has a slot on top that you drop the coin through while you carefully adjust some fan-type blades to catch it.  If you catch the coin on the bottom-most blade, you win.  Your prize depends on the amount of the coin.  I found a dime and she proceeded to adjust the blades and dropped the coin… and with a little more spinning, she won!  Her prize was a free taco.  She was giggling and squealing and carrying on such that the other patrons at Taco Bell couldn’t help but smirk & smile & laugh at the scene she was making.

Afterwards, she said “Can you believe I got a free taco?”  I smirked, “That taco was anything but free.”  She said “Oh yeah, it cost a dime.”

Later I decided:  I DON’T THINK SO.

Here’s my math:  We wouldn’t have been at that Taco Bell if it weren’t for the basketball tournament (add time , mileage, gas, snacks, drinks & other meals out for the weekend ~$100).  But she wouldn’t have been in the tournament if she hadn’t tried out for the team (add team dues $500 + uniform & shoes $100)… but wait, she been practicing with another team that also has dues ($500).  The way I see it, that FREE taco cost us $1200.10  😉

Her reaction when she won the taco: PRICELESS! 🙂

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