Did U txt me?

I was in a txt’ing conversation with someone whom shall remain nameless 😉  I *thought* the conversation was over, I had come home, changed clothes, kicked back with a kiddo for a good snuggle.  Next thing I know, the txt conversation resumes “not quite” where we had left off but I got the gist of it.  So for about 10 minutes, I was trying to figure out why I needed to go and meet my next door neighbor’s friend’s daughter.  YOU AREN’T MAKING ANY SENSE (yes, I typed that out).  You saw me come home, you know I’m upstairs in jammies, snuggling… and yet… here you are TXT’ing me, instead of walking upstairs to speak to me.  So, I pointed out “very politely” that this entire conversation didn’t make any sense to me anymore and that despite the fact that there was something going on at the neighbor’s… I had changed clothes… too bad!  the reply… “what? oops… wrong person”

Apparently one of our kids, who was NOT home, was supposed to be babysitting at some point…. HMMMM.

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