How to read more of the blog

I received many, many emails this week complaining that all I do is send previews of the blogs in my email and then you cannot read the rest.  One of you even accused me of teasing you 😉  Let me be clear… if you are getting my blog email… then YOU already have my permission to read my blog… but you do have to sign in.  The login keeps random internet users out of our personal stuff.  Here’s how:

Click on the LOGIN button (it’s in the lefthand menu down toward the bottom under ADMIN LINKS), if you cannot remember your password, tell it you forgot and it’ll email you a new one.  If you cannot remember your userid, click on register, fill out your email address, create a new userid… it’ll email you what you need to login.  Sorry for the confusion!  You don’t need me… I already approved you 🙂

Happy reading!

HOWEVER… if you are not on my list already, you can still register… it’ll send me a request for approval and then send you a password…. AND… welcome to my life 😉

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