Let me define “prom” from my perspective… I HATE to shop, I do NOT own a pair of heels and have only worn heels once because my sister made me to her wedding, I’ve never had a manicure (because I’m a chicken), I don’t paint my nails… shall I continue?  Let’s just say that my poor daughters possibly do NOT get the female pampering most teenage girls might receive from their mothers 😉  Now, imagine prom from that perspective… 😉

Heather before Prom

Heather before Prom

Enlist one neighbor who is an accomplished shopping queen.  Of course, I will tag along, maybe I’ll learn something, but probably not.  Viola… one gorgeous dress emerges!

Lasso the hairstylist we’ve used for about 7 years… and as a bonus she’ll bring her sister who does makeup!…  [Debbie is my hero!  and I know Mario always helps watch to make sure everything is going as planned ;-)]

Put a 2nd teenage daughter in charge of the flowers…

Have a friend show up unexpectedly… with the PERFECT jewelry?!?!

Mention all of the above to a retired neighbor with a photography hobby…

Heather 'after'

Heather ‘after’

TADA!  I did NOTHING!!!! 😉

I have to say, she cleans up nicely… what do you think?

And then… you cue the date…

(I know… but I wasn’t going to spend hours “photoshopping” the sunburn… that was all HER fault)

[NOTE:  these are not the “good” pictures… when I get ahold of those… I’ll let you know!]

Heather and Derek before prom

Heather and Derek before prom

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