Weightloss tracking systems

Jeff found this application a while back, for his iPhone (yes, he was walking around saying “there’s an app for that!)  I do NOT have an iPhone, yet, I have found this online tool to be fairly useful.  It’s simple to use, sometimes I wish it tracked a few more nutrients (like iodine & potassium) but it’s actually been great.  I’ve been using it since about mid-December (kinda pre-New Year’s resolution kicking in)… I used it faithfully for a few months, then didn’t… THEN… found I missed it and went back!

Supposedly, they are developing apps for other types of phones but I think only iPhone is supported at this time.  HOWEVER, like I said… it’s very easy to use ONLINE.

It’s called LoseIt.com

You can choose to share information with “friends” or NOT share anything.  You can have it send you email reminders and/or motivations.  I talked to a group of people that live near here and they have formed a “weightloss group” and all used this application to help track and motivate each other!

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