The CRAZY day

Any of you who saw me on Thursday have probably heard my “crazy day overload” story… where I felt like I had every single second scheduled and was running around from event to event.  I was attempting to squeeze in some grocery shopping before Easter in between a meeting and a tennis match (oh, and taking pies to a track dinner).  Next thing I know, I was being reminded that tennis was actually 45-60 minutes SOONER than I had planned (in her defense, she told me, it just didn’t stick).  I ran in the house, dumped groceries and grabbed tennis stuff and was about to bolt out the door again when Jeff said “WAIT… I ‘need‘ to talk to you….”  I stopped for all of 2 seconds and he said “My sister is going to come up this weekend.”  I replied “That’s great!”  and continued for the door…. but then it occurred to me that today is Thursday and that means this weekend could actually be tomorrow.  I stopped, took about 1 step back toward him… “Ummm, when?”  Yup, tomorrow.  SOOO, good luck with that and bolted to tennis 😉

About an hour later, my neighbor calls me to inform me she has my son off the bus.  UMMM, I’m at tennis, not in charge of bus today 😉  She let him walk home with the others and drove his backpack to the house, only to discover Jeff standing outside.  He’d realized he was “without car” and couldn’t get William.  More importantly, he was without car and baseball practice is in 30min and he is assistant coach… Our CRAZY day, quickly spilled over into hers 😉  GREAT BIG THANK YOU!

It was also an interesting trick to get kid #3 to basketball practice which just happened to be at the high school next to the baseball field Jeff was at…. without car 😉  These are the days we consider a 3rd car!

That was also the fastest “unremodel” of a bathroom ever.  We had disassembled it to paint/sand, etc and had to put it back together 😉 [AND THIS… I why our neighbor’s think we only take things apart!]

Honestly, I think people should spring visits on us more often, it truly makes for interesting days!

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