Wanna play catch?

Jeff has a co-ed softball team that has played together several seasons now.  Heather plays for this team as well.  She had never played before and has improved remarkably.  It’s not competitive, actually, it’s just the opposite (their team name is “Empty Pitchers”) 😉  There was a game tonight and Jeff suddenly found himself down half the team, but more importantly he was missing the required number of women for the proper ratio.

Heather and I were talking and Courtney walked in and said “YOU are playing softball tonight.”  Heather replied “I know.”  “I wasn’t talking to you.”  One raised eyebrow… that “whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis?” look…. HUH?  She tried to explain that “Dad just told me to come and tell you.”

Yup… I found myself dragged into the fray.  Of course, being the “new girl” they stuck me at catcher (less running… but more throwing).  IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) I’m actually pretty good at catching and throwing, and I do NOT throw “like a girl.”  I cannot throw very hard… but I can throw on target.  And I can catch… a long time ago (yes, in a galaxy far, far away), I played catcher (I never threw very hard then either).  I used to be fast… we won’t discuss that… there is NO GOING FAST in my life now 😉

Heather had an AWESOME hit straight up the middle preceded by a good solid GRUNT the echoed off the outfield wall (the grunt, not the ball) 😉  She also had a double play at second (she usually plays catcher 😉 ).  The rest of the team thinks she should have her boyfriend come watch more games!

We had several “subs” on the team tonight, including me, and… the mayor of Castle Rock.  Ok, that was one of those “things that make you go hmmmm…”  At one point, Paul was pitching and I was catching.  The umpire pointed out that this would have made a great photo-opportunity… the mayor pitching in a co-ed league.  WHEW, fortunately for me, I’m pretty sure there were no cameras present.

For the record, I hit the ball all three times up at bat… but alas, never made it to first.  I am now convinced that we must go buy Heather baseball cleats because tennis shoes are pointless!  I also had a play at home and got the runner out 😉  The other team told me they sent the runner because they didn’t think I would catch the ball!

For those of you keeping track… we won 😉  Good ‘ole mayor hit a walk-off double to win it!

It was fun and fortunately I didn’t injure anything… but in the time it took to drive home and I got out to open the garage door… my arm totally laughed at me for trying to open the door (yes, it actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD and said I DON’T THINK SO!).  So I can assure you that I will probably be very sore and complaining tomorrow 😉

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