We tour Mesa State – Colorado Mesa University

Well the trip to Grand Junction 06/23/11 was one of our typical trips… which means the truck didn’t quite break down IN the Eisenhower tunnel… it was just on the other side in one-lane construction bumper-bumper traffic, while towing the camper of course. Pulling over just before the barrels force everyone into one lane was pleasant; I highly recommend that for anyone who would love to get their heart racing! We sat there for about 30 minutes or so to clear what we were told was “vapor lock”… We finally got to the campsite and unhitched and “barely” made it across the street to get gas, but this time we were successful at getting to the pump 😉 You’d think on stories like this that we never check our fuel….. *sigh* That’s when … the “check engine light” came on. We managed to get Ashley over to the college to check-in for her basketball camp. Funny thing, the girl in charge of the check-in table was from our area, actually just a few neighborhoods away! Then, we had the ingenious idea to stop at that auto-repair store we saw and talked to the owner and said we’d bring the truck in first thing in the morning. Figures that the check engine light would turn OFF after we leave. Whatever was the problem seemed to clear… yeah right… I KNEW BETTER!

On Friday 06/24/11 the rest of us (minus Ashley) went on the college tour. They’ll be changing the name of the school around August 1st from Mesa State College to Colorado Mesa University. Our hope was that everyone, especially William, would have a better understanding about WHERE Heather would be when she isn’t living at home. It was difficult for him to grasp what would happen when she walked out the door “to go to school….”

We topped off the afternoon with lunch at a local café. William wanted a root beer float so we let him indulge, but for lunch, he was leaning toward the healthy, with a side of cottage cheese. While the waitress was standing there waiting on his order, I talked him out of cottage cheese and into fried onion rings. I was sure the waitress felt like she was in bizarro world so I had to explain that William is actually allergic to milk and that knowing he “really, really” wanted the root beer float, I opted to have him NOT order cottage cheese 😉

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