Why does the car smell?

Heather had a doctor’s appointment to recheck her ear infection and although it was morning, it was already pretty warm (nothing like in Houston though).  So when we arrived, Heather parked near a tree in the shade.  We were inside for a while and when we came out the trash company was backing into the area to empty the dumpster and IT WAS LOUD.  We just kept walking straight out to the car.  I opened the door and realized that someone nearby must be smoking so I hurried and got in as I started really choking up.  When I closed the door, the smell was WORSE so I turned around to see if someone was right outside the car (and even checked the backseat for good measure).  The entire time I am saying “why does the car smell like cigarettes?… why is it worse? … where is the cigarette smell coming from?”  Heather is also mumbling over on her side and suddenly yelps “Sun roof?! WRONG CAR!!!”  We both jumped out, slammed the doors and took off running to OUR car (still parked in the shade under the tree).  HOWEVER, the trash truck was now right next to our car and the driver had watched the entire scene unfold and was LAUGHING (ok, so were we!).  So next time your cars smells… might make sure it is in fact, YOUR CAR!

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