I am NOT Christine Reynolds

[PREFACE: As always, for Tier3, for better service: please email support or call the 800#]

Apparently Christine Reynolds gave out MY cell phone number… AND owes people money. I have been getting phone calls for her starting at 7:30am up to 10:30pm just about every 30-45 minutes… I literally have to turn off my phone! No amount of telling these people that I am NOT her and that I do NOT know her seems to be helping!!! They are filling up my voice mail and being completely unprofessional and RUDE! It amazes me that they can accuse ME of lying but would NEVER suspect the person that owes them money to have lied to them?!?! So if you happen to call, I changed my greeting to one that’s a bit “abrupt”… enjoy 😉

[NOTE: yes, I have reported the numbers that show up on callerID but they have gotten creative and are using “unknown caller ID” numbers now… one even comes across as a number from another country!!!]

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