Dental fillings… poison

[Synopsis:  According to the speaker, dental implants prior to 1990ish can contain mercury.  Acids, ASPARTAME, and hydrogen peroxide rinses, cause mercury to erode into the blood causing many symptoms like thyroid, shaking hands, memory loss, fatigue, bleeding gums, and more.  A dental vapor test detected hers and it took months/years to remove the mercury but within several weeks most of her symptoms subsided]

[NOTE:  I have only done brief research into what she told me and was able to confirm much of what she said so I’ll pass along her story]

I met a woman at the grocery store this morning who is the grandmother of one of the kids’ classmates.  To make a long story short, her granddaughter mentioned that grandma’s teeth had poisoned her… which of course required a LONG explanation (as follows, this is HER story… not mine):

She said that she had thyroid issues several years ago when she was 53 (said she was 58 now) and during the course of a needle guided biopsy, the medical person noticed that her hands were shaking and asked about it, then asked her what she had been drinking.  Diet soda was in her cup (NOTE:  this is the kind with aspartame… important data point).  After her test, she got a call from her doctor asking her to come in for a dental vapor test.  Apparently, the medical person for the thyroid biopsy had started putting things together on a few of their patients over the previous year and almost ALL of them had mercury fillings.

She said hers were about 10x the allowed mercury readings!  Needless to say, she began treatments which took a long time because if you flush mercury from your blood to quickly it can damage your liver and kidneys.  She said after several weeks many of her symptoms subsided and she didn’t feel quite so old.  She said it took about 3 years to flush her kidneys but she still has mercury in some of her nerves 5 year later.

She had to have all her fillings removed and old root canals had to be either re-performed or the teeth extracted.  It sounds like it was and still is a tedious process and she is not sure if they will ever be able to determine if she has permanent neurological damage from the mercury.

She had been told that in her lifetime she had also probably been exposed to mercury many ways including her teeth but also antiseptics like mercurochrome (sp?), old style contact solutions and vaccine preservatives, and many more.

Now she watches what she eats and KNOWS the ingredients.  She said she also had to learn about products like light bulbs, electrical or medical equipment because many still contain mercury.

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