Gene pool skimmer is broken

I stole that line from a friend… it applies here.  You see, I had a surreal experience: driving behind a guy who was PURPOSELY driving over yellow line. Obviously he knew a long line of school buses was coming. He’d wait until last second, cross over line, stick out his hand & run it along length of bus?!? Cars/buses tried to dodge him but he’d just go farther over line for next bus. I was behind him & I cannot believe he was doing it! After several miles, we stopped at light & there was a LITTLE kid in the passenger seat!

I could of titled this:  Instructions on how to lose your arm!

Yes, I managed to collect all the info (make/model/license/description) and I emailed our non-emergency sheriff’s address after I got home.

One Year Ago 08/25/2010:   AND

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