Night driving

I’m thinking that I was never responsible for taking Heather out with her permit the first few times she drove at night.  I’m basing that thought on the not-quite-so-extreme panic I felt when I let Courtney drive at night for the first time tonight.  It was my idea, she’s been doing fine during the day.  And while we are at it, let’s throw in some serious construction where one little misstep can leave you hanging off the edge of the road.  There are PLENTY of cones to guide the way (and they are NOT wide enough apart during the day… I should have remembered that).

After about 45 minutes of driving around town, I finally started feeling my fingers again so I was willing to let her continue driving.  Needless to say, when we picked up Ashley from basketball, I advised her to buckle-up and BE QUIET!  But after several minutes, I felt compelled to ask Ashley how it was going back there… she wisely refrained from comment 😉

For the record, no cones were destroyed during this experience (one *MIGHT* have wobbled a bit) 😉

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One Year Ago 08/30/2010:

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