The sun rises more than once a day

When you live near the foothills (or just in extremely hilly areas), sunrise becomes an event that repeats itself until finally the sun has tiptoed to the top of the highest nearby peak.  It makes for an interesting experience as some areas will be bustling with activities, while others will be slumbering for those last few minutes of blissful darkness.  When you are driving during sunrise, you must have your headlights on and you must keep your sunglasses handy for the on/off experience.  Your arm will get a workout pulling down and putting up the seemingly worthless sunshade as you play peek-a-boo with the morning light RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE.  It’s not like driving with clouds overhead, as the dew on the cars and leaves will tell you; as will the little animals still burrowed down “in the night.”  The great thing about it… you get to witness the sunrise over and over again 😉

…and have I mentioned the sunsets?…

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