Smelly Trash

Ya know what stinks more than trash?  It’s the dang trash bags!  I’ve been walking around all week with a headache and saying that something in the kitchen smells like someone sprayed a bad type of lysol (which I know they didn’t do). It wasn’t until the box was locked in the pantry with the door closed that I was “hit upside the head with the smell!”   I took that box out to the garage!  Now it stinks out there 😉

I purposely bought a box of trash bags that did NOT have “ODOR CONTROL” printed all over it in giant letters… and yet, in the teeny-tiny print on the bottom, there it is, odor control plastic.  Actually, I’d prefer to know if my trash is smelling so I can get it out of here.  But more importantly, all those “scents” give me a headache (and Courtney was sneezing incessantly too).  And whomever invented this particular  “smell” to cover up trash smell needs to have their sinus checked.

Soooo, check your box better if you do NOT want smelly trash 😉

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