Attack of the sheets

This brings to mind that joke about the dreamer who ate a giant marshmallow and woke up to find his pillow missing 😉

The other evening, I kept getting my leg tangled up in the sheets and I had a terrible night’s sleep.  So I made sure I straightened out all the blankets before bed.  Next thing I know, my leg is tangled up in the sheets and I started kicking to get out of the situation.  I highly recommend flailing your arms and legs around like a trapped animal… it makes the ripping sound go better with the unfolding scene 😉  Apparently, I had a tear in the sheets near my foot, (I suspect the psychotic dryer) and I managed to get my foot/ankle caught UNDER the sheet and my leg was pinned down INSIDE the sheets underneath me.

Jeff just laughed……  It’s a MUCH BIGGER TEAR NOW 😉

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