If you know me, you know I say howdy 😉 If you’ve ever received an email from me, odds are you seen “Howdy!” I’ve been saying it since I was little (8-10 or so), I remember we lived in Indiana, went to visit family in Texas and I heard someone say howdy (probably a family member 😉 … and it’s probably a good thing it wasn’t a curse word eh? ). I started saying “ya’ll” & “howdy” just to annoy my friends because I had a southern accent even though we lived in Indiana… so if I was gonna get teased for it… I was gonna deserve it! We moved back to Texas when I was about 13 and I have to say my accent was just as thick as all my cousins! and with “ya’ll” & “HOWDY!”… I fit right in 😉

This morning, I ran a quick errand up to the store and a man was walking out and I said “Howdy”… I say howdy to everyone so this was no different. It would’ve been like one of ya’ll saying “Good morning.” He stopped and said, “You say howdy like it comes natur’l to ya, you must be from Texas!” [notice the accent ;-)] “Why yes sir I am.” “Well I’ll be…, we are too. Whole family is up here for spring break.” By now, the rest of them have caught up. This is obviously grandpa with boots, jeans, and belt with a great big belt buckle… minus the hat (only he was a young man 😉 ). Mom, Dad, couple of teenage girls, all wearing Texas A&M shirts/sweatshirts had walked up to join him. “Well here they are now. This young lady here is from Texas, who’da thunk that we’d run into a Texan when we stopped here? Little lady, do you know where Texas A&M is?” “Yes, sir, I actually attended for a couple of years myself.” “WELL HAIL!!! THAT JUST ABOUT MAKES YOU FAMILY! This must be an alright town.”

They all talked a bit about skiing in Vail and taking some sight-seeing time to come to Denver and head down to the Air Force academy. As they were driving away, he picked up his cowboy hat and waved to me 😉

I have to tell ya, that was one of the funniest conversations I’ve ever had! Put a smile on my face!

So “Howdy ya’ll!”

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