Soapy Mess

OK?!?!  Just how the heck are you supposed to clean up spilled liquid laundry detergent?!?  And no, I’m not talking about, “oops, I spilled some…”  I’m talking about the washer load was ever so slightly out of balance and someone left the bottle of detergent on the washer (probably me!), which when it hit the spin cycle, sent the bottle flying, and spinning, and pouring, and pouring while spinning (and it was a brand new bottle)!  And to exacerbate the entire situation, I accidentally bought the SCENTED kind instead of unscented and I can’t stop sneezing!!! [and ya’ll can just stop laughing now… even though I haven’t 🙂 ] AND… I stepped in it first and slid all over the place and now my foot & sock is slimy with soap!

SOOO… no idea how to clean this up… I’m trying using dirty laundry… wish me luck!

[NOTE:  New problem:  how to get LOTS of soaked-in laundry detergent off of your hands?!?!  Jeff accused me of not eating my “finger foods” with my fingers at lunch.  I just gave him “the look” and he replied “Ah, unless you think your fingers might still taste like laundry detergent.”  HUMFPH!]

[to assist you with imagining this situation please refer to my complete Redneck accent… talking really fast… while mad… while laughing… and somewhere there are probably bubbles! ;-P ]


This is like… the Opposite Day:

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