Goodnight Johnboy

I didn’t watch that show, but I’m old enough to know about it ;-). We don’t lay in bed saying goodnight… Instead we plot ways to torture…

The condo we are in has half walls, a loft and an etched glass inlay as the wall over the stairs… yes, there is NO privacy!

After watching a somewhat scary movie (and I had just spent a couple hours reading The Hunger Games) we had all gone to bed, but Jeff and I had the tv on in our room (the one adjoining the etched glass wall over the stairs). The flickering light from the tv was… annoying the girls up in the loft and after a couple angry texts and determined glares, we relented and turned off the tv.

BUT THEN, I said it’d have been fun to have a flashlight (you know… shadow puppets, etched glass…). Jeff said ” Ah, but we DO!” There’s an app for that. And thus, a very bright LED light aimed at the glass brought out the best in the girls. They reciprocated with their own… set to strobe light and since our room has a ceiling fan, the effect was quite nauseating! Poor William was unarmed in the sunken living room on the couch, underneath it all.

After wearing out the nuance of flashlight wars, we all silently declared a truce. That is, until Jeff leaned over and whispered, “Do you think I should go up and scare them?” “Yup, and good luck with that!”

Our room is framed with pocket doors (the kind that slide into the walls). On one side leading to the hot tub room, the doors are glass, the other set of doors is at the base of the stairs leading to the loft. Somehow he managed to slide the doors apart enough to slip through undetected by William. I can hear him, the stairs are creaking, ankles cracking and I’m trying not to laugh (apparently he was too)! After 10 solid minutes he is still undetected from above or below.

He roars! Ashley and William both scream, Courtney has turned on a light and is hollering at everyone… it’s 1:30am! We all enjoyed a good laugh.

While lying in bed, realizing the vulnerability of our lockless pocket doors, we decide that now might be a good time to booby-trap the doors so we know if they move. We can hear furious whispers coming from out there… the glass doors are embedded in the half-wall to the hot tub room. Jeff was standing near the glass doors contemplating, when suddenly the wooden deck under the hot tub CREAKS, William’s silhouette appears and we hear “well, that was a complete fail!” I don’t think he was expecting Jeff to be standing and we all laughed and learned that the glass doors and creaky deck provided us some protection from mischief on that side!

Then Jeff remembers a burglar alarm app for his phone that is quite obnoxious. However, the 15 minutes waiting for it to download on this wonderful analog service was almost unbearable! We quickly discovered that it would only work if the screen lock never came on… Plan B… Jeff arranged plastic clothes hangers against the door and on the floor as a poor warning device.

After a miserable night trying to sleep with one eye open, we realized that was possibly the best revenge they could have plotted!

MORAL: do not pull a prank unless you first secure a place with four solid walls and a door that locks!!!

Wanna read William’s version:

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