I noticed last week that the rolling landscape near the high school was suddenly dotted with black baby cows.  I even noticed that the cows would take turns “baby-sitting” with 3-4 of them resting in a distinctly defined area with all the babies within the boundaries.  I was able to count 12 babies, in one group, one day 😉  All the other cows were off grazing, with other groups of babies off in the distance.

Today I was bringing Courtney her lunch and a cow appeared to be on the outside of a gate but it was hard to tell from where I was driving on the road. I wasn’t sure of the protocol for loose cows… do you call 911?  [I have since looked up the NON-emergency number and made sure it’s in my contacts 😉 ]  I decided to wait to call (or decide what to do) until I was headed back the other way in just a couple of minutes.

As I made the return trip, the cow had meandered to the edge of the road.  By this time, a sheriff deputy was in front of me and made a U-turn to come back to the cow.  I slowed to a crawl so I wouldn’t startle the cow.  Another deputy showed up and it was apparent that they found their new job description amusing.

They must have been successful because when I returned later to pick up kids, the cow was gone.

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