Good Morning…. snake

[pics incl] Wide-Awake now, almost stepped on a snake… follow the body to the left to see the head. About 6+’ long and had just come out of the lake.

[NOTE: I had many requests to point out the head… so I’ve highlighted the snake in the other picture. It’s the same photo, just cropped & highlighted to show the head. I had stepped with my left foot inches from the head and VERY SLOWLY took a step off to the right before having my heart attack. 😉 I realized the snake was having the same reaction as I was, so I slowly pulled out my phone and took a quick picture before getting away from it… so I am sorry that I did not capture the entire length of the snake… I was a bit distracted by the head! 😉 Jeff told me that he and William had seen a snake swimming across the lake/pond toward the camper but they couldn’t tell if it left the water… yeah… think it left the water! Notice how wet it is? That was the second thing I noticed… the first being a giant snake at my feet!]

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