Listen to your mother

I invited my mom to join a friend for lunch today and she also brought a friend.  [NOTE:  My friend’s mother is also named Patsy 😉 makes for interesting conversation 😉 ] The four of us were ordering our soup/salad and had been discussing the types of salad dressings at this restaurant.  Which brought up allergies.  Two of us were allergic to shellfish and I had made a comment that I don’t frequent places that serve shellfish because I feel hesitant to trust my allergy to a teenager in the kitchen.

When our soups/salads arrived, I was telling a story… I’m sure as only I can tell it 😉  Our main courses arrived shortly after, but since I was still talking, I was still munching on my salad.  Mom leaned over and quietly said “you should stop eating your salad.”  I assumed she was encouraging me to stop talking and move on to the main course so I took on the tone of a teenager and said “I can eat my salad and talk if I want to!”  She just laughed and said… “yes,… but you didn’t ask me WHY.”… OK… WHY?  “because you are breaking out in a rash up your neck and cheek and I think maybe you are allergic to something in your salad.”

WOW MOM… that is a really GOOD reason! 🙂

I was really enjoying that salad too…. but gonna have to cross that restaurant off my list of places to frequent.

Crisis averted… but only because I was … ummm…. encouraged… to listen to my mother.  I suggest you just MIND!!!

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