Garbage disposal, part 2

Ok, it’s not really about the garbage disposal 😉  Which, by the way, is fabulous because you can stand next to it and talk and turn it on and not even notice.  This time Jeff was standing at the sink and realized his socks were wet…. [remember last time?] ARGH.  Ok, you can’t really blame the garbage disposal because it’s really the plumbing under the sink and the faucet (which recently started leaking too).  The plumbing was originally installed in such a way that its installation just makes it easy to dismantle by accident.

My dad was all for redoing it while he was under there, but the sink is two levels (one side is much deeper than the other) and its depth dictates which side the garbage disposal is on.

Jeff disassembled the plumbing and refitted all the pieces again and it works fine now (we hope)… except for the leaking faucet.  So a trip to Home Depot is in order YAY!

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