Somehow, I shopped

I’m not quite sure how… but somehow, I ended up shopping for homecoming dresses with 4 teenage girls (and only one of them was mine)!!?!?  I told them that the only reason I went with them was so I could get steps on my pedometer!  I’d show you all the pictures we took but I was forbidden because the pictures were only taken for reference and none of the dresses were actually purchased.  They were either scared to death or completely amused that I speak fluent sarcasm 😉  I think maybe they thought I was serious about getting the snakeskin pattern leggings 😉

and then they found a pet store with puppies!

…and then, I needed pie!  but I still needed some more steps for my pedometer so I coaxed Jeff into walking up to the store with me to get pie.  Wasn’t sure how to walk home with pie… so Plan B was that Heather would come pick us up from the store in the car 😉  [I only need a “few” steps, not a round-trip!]  As we were walking we met just about every neighbor on the street so it took us forever to get to the store… and there were neighbors there too 😉

… we walked home 😉  Fortunately, everyone had gone inside and we made it home with pie unscathed!

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