If you give a cat, a cracker

I was eating crackers in bed… (go ahead, sing the song,…. I’ll wait…)…

Peanut the cat, decided to come over and check out my crackers, like he had never seen a cracker. It’s possible that he has never seen a cracker, I guess. He was carrying on and sniffing and “not quite touching” my cracker, that I finally said “here, just take the cracker, then you will know whether or not you like crackers.”

Jeff, 1) doesn’t necessarily appreciate that I speak to cats as if they are human (ie. I speak cat) and 2) promptly pointed out that while he was allowing me to eat crackers in his bed anytime, he flat out forbids cats from snacking on crackers in his bed… EVER! And just so you know, that doesn’t rhyme when sung 😉

I haven’t determined if the cat likes crackers because he ate half of it. Does that mean “he only ate half so he must not like it” or ” he must like it because he ate half?”

So… if you give the cat a cracker… you get to tell the story.

[sound familiar? http://www.lauranumeroff.com/books/index.htm]

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