The Story of Pie

… the short version 🙂

Anyone who knew Jeff’s mom, knows that on any given night she’d be up… eating pie… (…or raisin bran …or tapioca). HOWEVER, pie had a special place, because it could magically solve problems… or at least… it couldn’t hurt ;-). She kept pie readily accessible for middle of the night “pie emergencies.”

I thought she was nuts! Don’t get me wrong, I now have a few good “we needed middle of the night pie” stories because of her :-). If you’ve ever heard THOSE… then of course you know she was at the beginning of any story (I know that I have a disclaimer at the beginning of each one, blaming her for my mid-night snacking 😉 ). [NOTE: let me know if you want the LONG version of those stories 😉 ]

If you hang around anyone long enough, you are bound to meet their extended family… or at a minimum, hear crazy stories about them. Well, at least, this is what happens, if you hang around me 😉 That’s where THIS post comes in.

I got a message in the middle of the night, from one of my MANY (25) cousins, blaming Jeff’s mom for their middle of the night pie eating! I had to laugh, because now I know, that “tradition” has solid footing over on my side of the family! 😉

[NOTE: “Middle of the night pie” is the 2nd Scott Tradition to … ummm… infect 😉 my family… the first being “uncle-grandpa/aunt-grandma”… which by the way still has foothold 😉 ]

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