The Kiss… and the hug

[it’s long, but a good read re: zerberts]

There is a lot of sneaking around going on with people trying to hide their shopping and presents. When Ashley asked to speak with Heather, covertly in the other room, nothing seemed amiss. Until Heather started screaming “SHE KISSED ME ON THE NOSE?!?!?!” [for full effect, try imagining a scene in Charlie Brown where Snoopy kisses Lucy. 🙂 ]

They all looked at me.. “What? I’m the queen of giving zerberts.” [that’d be blowing strawberry noises on people’s cheeks]

William made a comment that it’s been a while since I’ve done that… Well, then they all discussed the whole story about how my sisters conspired against me and gave the “power zerbert”… caught in pictures!… we won’t dwell 😉

After some shopping, we took the kids to grab something to eat. It was late, so there were few people around and the employees were cleaning up around us. While we were eating, Ashley asked Courtney (in a very creepy “I’m about to lick your nose” fashion) “Do you love me?” … no answer… “Mooommmmm, she’d doesn’t love me?!?” (snickering in a way that 15-year old Andrea can appreciate!)

“Sorry baby, sounds self-inflicted…”

Heather had been away from the table and upon hearing a recap, she started saying, very sincerely to Ashley, that she completely understands… but behind Courtney’s back, she was raising her eyebrows and winking at Ashley, who was on the other side of Courtney. I was sitting across the booth from them… Understanding came over me as I realized… “AHA! these kids were witnesses to their aunts’ zerbert treachery!”  [The day they zerbert’d me: ]

Courtney YELPS!!!

The restaurant employee washing the table in the booth right behind me, burst out laughing. Courtney had been “ambush-hugged” and they weren’t letting go!

By now, EVERYONE in the place is enjoying a good chuckle… and Courtney was bright red. Did I mention they were all wearing Santa hats? Yeah, that shade of red.

By the way…

:-P…. I zerbert thee!

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