I Still Have My Head

[pics incl] Thanking my angels to be alive! On freeway… 75mph… a mudflap came off a semi (which now explains why a car in front of me a lane over started swerving to miss it!), flew over that car, up to my windshield… miraculously missed the glass while it was flipping through the air, but when I hit the brakes, it sucked into the grill, crushing grill & lights (not sure the hood will stay latched anymore). The cars around & behind me either cleared out or slowed down w/ flashers behind me so I could get over… Pretty shook up but I’m ok!!! Definitely having flashbacks to Jeff’s “plywood incident!”

At the time, I had no idea what the object was… basically, the sky was falling and then I could not see! Very glad the other drivers around me were aware and the roads were dry and clear!

The insurance company advised us not to drive it, so a tow-truck took it away. However, there is NOT a 4×4 SUV available to rent on the state of CO… so I give them my 7 passenger suburban & get a 4 (hopefully 5) passenger CAR, for a 6-person family… this should be fun taking 2 cars everywhere.

William came in and said “Darn Murphy! but Thank the Angels!”

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[NOTE: By late Friday, it was clear that getting a rental car for the week was going to be tricky. Thankfully the body shop (Ray’s) was able to remove loose/broken pieces and duct taped the rest. So another redneck roadtrip is our future! I’m pretty stiff and sore and after showering, I have pretty interesting seat belt bruising (sorry, no pics!)]

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