I Swear, It Will Be Done

We whipped out the peanuts and iocane powder and INSISTED that Jim sit down and watch The Princess Bride. It was inconceivable to us that someone who speaks in acronyms, innuendo and rhyme, hadn’t seen it! To the point, on Friday, he stumped William with G.E.F.G.W. and he bragged about his Earl Gray Tea rhyme ;-). Now he knows, that aside from never starting a land war in Asia, you should never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line AND that R.O.U.S. exist! WHEW!

[NOTE: You don’t know it either, do you? (Good Enough For Govt Work) ]

[HAHA! LOTS of requests for the rhyme… I *think* it was: “Lipton is swill, I once heard you say. For Christmas, I bought you this box of Earl Gray.” @Jim, please correct me if I’m wrong!]

[I DON’T THINK SO……. for R.O.U.S. you will have to watch the movie, that’d be like sharing a secret handshake!]

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