NOT a Generation Gap

I was picking up Courtney from school this morning (she only had one class) and while I was waiting, a boy walked in front of me in pajama shorts, tank top and flip flips. Please note that it snowed a few inches last night and the current temp is 21. I just shook my head in disbelief. Until I saw another boy in a tuxedo jacket, shorts and cowboy boots. I’m not feeling well so I finally decided that I just needed to NOT pay attention to “stupid people!”

Courtney got in the truck as a girl wearing a strange concoction walked passed. She calmly stated “It’s ‘What Not To Wear’ Day.”

Ah, SPIRIT WEEK (before winter formal).

Then, Courtney proceeded to explain Jeff’s reaction to “What the heck are those kids wearing?!” this morning 😉 Sounds like he felt exactly like I did! Glad to know it wasn’t a ‘generation gap’ after all!

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