William Gets It

This is more a visual so bear with me, but if you have kids, you should appreciate it! Courtney was showing Jeff their new tennis uniforms that her coach ordered sight unseen. They are VERY short dresses. She was complaining that they all had to go buy shorts to wear underneath. “Who would order these things?!” I replied, “A male coach that doesn’t have a clue.” MEANWHILE, Jeff was going to respond as well, and right then, William walked up behind Courtney to get help with a project. Jeff said “…or Seymour Hiney…” William stopped in his tracks, looked at Courtney, and his face was all scrunched up with “trying not to look at Courtney” and totally understanding Jeff’s comment. He just looked at all of us and smirked and bolted from the room. Later, after Courtney left the room, William sneaked over to me and said, “you know, Seymour Hiney could really mean “see… more… hiney” … you know “see… more”…?” “Yes, William, I know… and do you think maybe we all know that and that’s why dad said that?” “OH… it’s one of THOSE sayings!”

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