MRI Update 05/28/13

MRI, speech therapy & more

MRI results, by word of mouth because I haven’t actually SEEN nor heard the MRI results myself. According to the hematologist, who said he called for the results, the bleeding has stopped and swelling reduced but the clot is still present (as expected). He is switching me off the lovonox (shots in stomach) to xeralto (sp?), which is a daily pill. Unlike coumidin, which takes 7 days to build up and must be very closely monitored, and can be “reversed” with platelets; lovonox & xeralto cannot. Lovonox has 12hr ? “time to wear off” and xeralto has 24hr. Wish me luck…

Had speech therapy today and I can read and write and spell better but still fail with numbers and short term memory recall. Vision has been improving so hopefully everything else will follow.

The pain in my head is definitely less than before, although after the MRI (the next day) head hurt a lot. LOTS fewer meds though. I’d describe it now as… a headache 😉

Had a follow up doctor appointment today too. Just to check meds, etc. I haven’t been sleeping very well so changing things up a bit. Leave it to me to start running a fever mid-appointment… trying to figure that one out now. Hopefully it’s just lack of sleep or something simple!

Prior Hematology stuff:

One Year Ago:

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