The Super Glue Prank

For the past couple of days, Courtney has been asking everyone if we have any super glue (I have no idea why). I told her to look in the drawer. [You know “the drawer”… the one where things that don’t live anywhere else are thrown…]

She walked in today, very frustrated, and asked Jeff. He didn’t give her “the drawer” response, instead he said to ask Ashley. The raised eyebrow look from me made him lean over and say he’d bought some at the store today but Ashley had the bag. [apparently, she never found Ashley]

Later, she asked Heather, who did give her “the drawer” response because she had no idea Jeff had been to the store. VERY AGITATED, Courtney states that she HAS looked in the drawer but maybe someone else should go look IN THE DRAWER!!! Heather to the rescue…

I just matter of factly said “it’s probably sitting right there on top…” and of course it was. 😉 Courtney starts hollering that SHE LOOKED and hangon… IS THAT NEW?!? THAT WASN’T THERE!! [long breathless rant] and she called me a jerk (who me???) 😉 I pointed out that it was NOT I that went to the store, I just merely stated the obvious. [more ranting as only Courtney can do]

Later, after she fixed whatever needed fixing… she stood up to throw away the trash but dropped the micro-tube of super glue at my feet. I insisted she pick it up or I knew I’d get stuck there when no one else was home. Prompting her to be tempted to leave it there. I just politely suggested maybe she shouldn’t go to sleep tonight ;-P

“Good to have ya back mom…”

Melts the heart like an Addams Family reunion 😉

One Year Ago 08/15/2012:

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