Clarification Counts

I have a cold. Jeff asked how I’m doing. “Ok, I guess. I’ve been gargling with salt water and listerine.” I felt him staring at the back of my head so I clarified, “Not at the same time!” He said he was trying to imagine the explosion in my mouth 🙂

Normally a cold is nothing to write about but the docs were concerned that I don’t have enough clear sinus cavity [yes, I still have the clot] to add a sinus infection. It’s hard to keep 6 people healthy especially when all 4 kids are exposed to germs at 4 different schools. I’ve been harassing them about staying healthy and not getting me sick. They complied… I caught this cold from Jeff. 😉

Sooo, this cold feels like: a sinus cold & sore throat. I have lived the “it could be worse” scenario so… YAY! It’s just a cold 😉 Shhhh, I’m loving the everyone doting on me for a cold, I figure I gotta use it now, it’ll only work “this” time. 😉

One Year Ago  08/22/2012:

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