Glows in the Dark

A couple weeks ago, we were walking around Home Depot and I found assorted spray paints: chalkboard, dry erase, magnetic and glow-in-the-dark! Jeff only let me get one! 😉 I had intentions of painting Courtney’s light switches while she was gone. Have you seen her room?!? You can’t see the switches through the “thangs” hanging on her walls. Now, I’m walking around hugging a paint can with an evil giggle……. what can I make glow?!?!

I settled on the two upstairs hall switch plates and found a screwdriver (to remove the plates… I do know what I’m doing!). Jim arrived [ ] while I was in the garage painting them. To be fair, we actually went to Home Depot for gold spray paint because Jeff wanted to freshen up the house numbers after all the painting. He… was also in the garage painting but his weren’t glow in the dark (but NOW that I typed that, my evil grin is back)!

A few hours later I realized I needed to pick-up Courtney and remembered the plates needed replacing. Quick trip to re-install and left the hall light ON!

That evening one of the kids turned the light off and Jim showed them! ARGH! He sucks at secrets, I knew that! 🙂 However, Heather was not home.

Tonight, Heather was upstairs and turned off the hall light. We heard her have a conversation with herself, open our door and question the reality of her eyesight. The rest of us were like “dude, that’s soooo two weeks ago!”

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