Neuro Appt 12/16/13

I had a neuro appointment this morning. Last one: [ ]

After the “my head really hurts” from last week, prompting Jeff to call him, doc wanted to increase some of the meds. However, after I gave him “the look,” he agreed that I can stick with my idea of LESS meds (go back to where we were before October). So, that’s the plan, drop back down on the meds for a couple/three weeks, see what happens and increase at that time if necessary.

Otherwise, nothing new. No new scans this time and assuming nothing has changed from October scan… I still have a blood clot above my left ear. Still going with the assumption that some of this random pain is blood vessels trying to reassert themselves (that is a good thing, therefore this would be considered “good pain.”)

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

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