A Dim Sum Christmas

[pics incl] When we were at dinner the other night, we discussed going out for Chinese Dim Sum on Christmas Day with Kevin (his family would be out of town). We all dressed up because the last time Kevin invited us [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2012/05/06/dim-sum/ ] we were under-dressed! This was something new for all of us! (I also learned that EVERYONE else is TERRIBLE at taking photos!!! ALL of the images not taken by me are blurry, out of focus, etc and yet, no one would let ME take the photos 😉 here are a few of the legible ones). Drew is in full Navy dress and Courtney’s friend, Claudia, also joined us. It was great fun!

Christmas_DimSum_Leungs_122513-3 Christmas_DimSum_Leungs_122513-2 Christmas_DimSum_Leungs_122513-4 Christmas_DimSum_Leungs_122513-5 Christmas_DimSum_Leungs_122513-1

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