Another Loss Too Soon

Please send prayers for Heather, her friends’ & families! Two of Heather’s good friends were in a car accident, while visiting family in Virginia. A semi-truck was going the wrong way and struck their Camero head-on. Jake Welch has been pronounced brain dead (still on machines) and Miller Clannet is critical. You may have heard her speak of Jake, they met in middle school and he’s a former Navy Seal. She introduced him as, her “birthday twin” because they shared the same birthday and were born at the same hospital.

[ NOTE: Machines were turned off 02/09/14

Jakob Knox Welch; January 15, 1993 – February 09, 2014

Miller is in a medically induced coma. ]

[NOTE: Miller passed away 05/11/14

Miller Joan Clannet 1993-May 11, 2014]

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