Saying Thank You

Have I said “Thank You” lately? I really do appreciate all the thoughts & prayers & advice … & cookies 😉

Many of ya’ll have asked for more updates; I really do not have anything more to add to my previous updates. I will get MRI results 04/01/14.

I could explain “a typical day”?? I had some times where my head DID NOT HURT, not even a little. [ ] But then, just as suddenly, in the beginning of March (just before Stacy visited), my head started hurting again. It’s usually like a dull pain/headache BUT ONLY IN ONE SPOT above & near MY left ear. Usually, I can tolerate it and/or Tylenol works. However, lately, it hurts 24/7 and Tylenol doesn’t do squat. That’s when it’s hard to explain to others.

When my head HURTS, it’s a burning/stinging kind of pain, right from that spot on my head, down my neck, to the top of my left shoulder. It’s also visible as that part of my neck is noticeably SWOLLEN. Yes, I know, that’s not a good thing, but it has been happening on/off the entire time. A couple weeks ago (day before appointment), it was VISIBLY worse. Ashley got a scolding at my appointment for not hauling me in, so NOW she does a “neck check” every few hours 😉

When my head hurts, often my vision is not as good. Odds are if you sent me something really long to read… I didn’t. I also, will not spend much time writing posts like this one. This is a multi-day event 😉

Also, when my head/neck hurts like this, I am HYPER-SENSITIVE to sounds (like shoot-em up movies), and light and now, apparently smells (that’s new in past couple weeks). It is very uncomfortable to … say, relax on my back on the bed with my head/neck propped up on a couple of pillows. That type of bending my neck makes it worse. It’s impossible to lean my head forward (ie, cannot do dishes, laundry). I flat out cannot play games, like shuffling cards and “adjusting” them by banging on the table. They have been superb about “unlearning how to shuffle” in that manner! AND, ya know that tap-tap-tapping thing with your pencil that ya’ll do on the table? I WILL take it away and beat you with it! 😉

Needless to say, I try NOT to complain, but on “bad head” days, I know I’m grumpy and it’s dang near impossible to watch TV/movie because I can’t hear voices when it’s turned down and I cringe with every suddenly loud noise in the show. On “good head days” they can usually anticipate enough to turn it down so that I can be in the same room.

I can only do ONE THING AT A TIME. This is a blessing and a curse. If that one thing is loud (like vacuuming), I just wear ear plugs… I keep earplugs in my pockets now 🙂 Doing only one thing, means that you are FOCUSED on only one thing, however, it’s hard to NOT try to multi-task. For example, you’d think I could still listen to William tell me about his school day while I am washing the dishes… but Noooo, I just stand there like a fool with a rag in my hand. 😉 This makes him stand up and help me finish so he can tell me about his day. 🙂 They have learned to stand there when I hold up my finger. It doesn’t mean “give me a minute” like it used to, it means “I am already doing my ONE thing!” 😉 (and, this one thing might take me an hour so you should decide if it’s worth standing there, or if you should write yourself a note to remind YOU what you wanted to say)!! 🙂 It’s actually amusing, especially if they forget why THEY are standing there waiting on me!

I also seem to have some memory issues and I definitely still encounter “I can tell you what it isn’t, but I cannot remember what it’s called” moments. So, if you call/txt/email me and I do not “deal with it right when it happens” (ie. if I’m driving, napping or already doing my ONE thing), I probably will NOT remember to call you back! I’ll probably see it again and “oh yah, I need to do that…” but… IF I don’t do it right then… I will probably NOT remember 😉 And, if I am in the middle of talking to you, I may stop and have a look (I presume it looks like I am searching my memory)… they will usually wait a moment before offering a suggestion, or I may “get it close but not exact” and they will correct me. [ ]

I think since my neck seems to be swelling more often, the neurologist ordered another MRI just to see what is going on. We were kinda going along the assumption that “it was good pain” indicating maybe previously blocked blood vessels are attempting to reassert themselves. I still feel like this is the case.

I let “pain” dictate what & how much I can do each day. However, when my sleep is affected, it’s difficult to function. I do have “real drugs” I can take and I was past the point of using them (or so I thought). I’m back to sparingly using at night to sleep, but I’m struggling with what to do during the day because they knock me out. Sooooo, back to napping during the day I guess?! Your suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

SOOO, back to my original point: THANK YOU! Thank you for your patience when I totally forget your name ( and you’re one of my neighbors… or kids). Thank you for calling me again, and sending a follow-up txt, and then calling me again. Thank you for the cards & letters that I can set out to remind me to send you a thank you ( and then forget that is why I set them out)! Thank you for remembering that I said I want to go for a walk, and stopping by to see if I want to go with you (to walk your dog 😉 )! Thank you for the thoughts & prayers, and instead of forgetting that ya’ll do that for me.. I just ASSUME you are! That’s a nice feeling 🙂

Thank you!

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