Theron Won… Kinda

[pics incl] Theron and Traimee Doig popped in for a visit and while everyone was standing, Theron realized we have a new couch/chair… which prompted a sprint to the chair. Theron’s sister is much calmer than the girls that hang out in this house (we are working on curing Traimee). So, while Theron “was first” to sit in the chair, there are no rules preventing everyone else from “also sitting in the chair.” Traimee, Abby and Nightwing are out of the picture view, all glad they did not even attempt, the race to the chair!

What was cute? After a minute, I realized that the Doig kids KNOW Abby, they just hadn’t seen each other recently. I reintroduced them, Theron laughed and said he babysat Abby once. Then, I had Abby stand up. She’s close to catching up with Heather. Great laughs!

All these kids KNOW me [cooking saga: ], so when I suggested dinner, they asked where Jeff is (he and William were golfing) and, it didn’t take them long to grab Courtney and I gave them MY card and they headed up to Duke’s 😉 Yep, that’s how I cook good meals! [THERON… I need the pix from your phone!]

[Abby: ]

[More Doig’s:]


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