Bone Marrow Drive for Lukas Larsson

BONE MARROW DRIVE for LUKAS- Sat 11/15 – 3:30-6:00pm at Candi Beach’s house- 7372 Balmoral Court, Castle Pines N 80108. $25 facials & wraps with 100% of proceeds going to LOVE HOPE STRENGTH. No obligation to buy. Kids welcome! EVERYONE IS INVITED! Hugs to Candi, Colette & LHS. See you there! Visit Tell your friends!

FYI, Lukas (and his brother too!) has been Ashley’s friend and classmate since they were younger)! If you are in the area, please stop by, if not, go get tested near your home… YOU may be someone’s cure! And it starts with just a swab!

Unfortunately, you must be 18 to register, so Ashley has a couple months to wait.

More about Lukas:,170167

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