Dinner at La Dolce Vida for Petty Officer and Mrs. Siemer

[pics incl] [NOTE:  I typo’d that, it’s La Dolce Vita]  This slideshow includes photos of the cake, Drew and Heather attempting to cut the cake without success (one of the servers stepped in and sliced it with two quick swipes?!), some individual photos of people present (I’m not sure we captured everyone), a song by the head waiter! and some group photos with the bride and groom.  The empty chairs on the ends of their table, are for Drew’s older brother Brett and our dear friend Dalton. We knew they’d be hanging around so we “saved” their seats!

Many of these photos were taken with cell phone cameras but came out just fine.  I will add more as they are sent to me.  No, you do NOT need to edit, I have software that makes quick work of it.

[NOTE:  Click on the photos for a larger view (or for the rest of the image)]

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Pictures of their marriage solemnizing: http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2015/01/27/siemer-scott-wedding-012715/

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