On the Receiving End of “Pay It Forward”

After they were married in the Douglas County Clerk & Recorder in Castle Rock, CO, we walked across the street to Castle Cafe to grab a light lunch. Since it was later, there were not many people, except for another family in the booth behind Heather.

A toddler popped up and “talked” about Heather’s “pretty white flowers” [said completely in ‘toddler-ease.] We assumed the others were, Grandma, Grandpa, Mom & Dad and we quickly learned that she was 20-22 mo (I can’t remember now) and she loves the color white. Heather was decked out in white. Of course, this prompted a bit of conversation about WHY she was decked out in white. After some time, the little one, popped up again, to show her coloring book and a man in a hat.

As, they were leaving, I nudged Drew and said “you should put your hat on” which got me the “I’m inside.” There is only one rule and it’s not Navy, “When a 2yr old wants you to wear your hat, you put it on.”

As you can imagine, today is extremely hectic, with every moment booked (or overbooked)” Fortunately, Danielle came to the rescue and picked William up from school. We were discussing the chaos that would follow lunch, as Jeff asked for the check.

“The family in that booth paid for your meal. They said “Thank you for your service and congrats on your marriage.” ”

We were stunned and thrilled! We took the opportunity to leave a GOOD tip and a Dalton Pay It Forward card with the waitress.

Pay It Forward; IT WORKS!

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